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At microsoft our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.

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The arab states of the persian gulf are the seven arab states which border the persian gulf namely bahrain iraq kuwait oman qatar saudi arabia and the united arab emirates uae.

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Common kuwaiti arabic phrases ebrahim aladsani introduction 183 arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world with over 200 million speakers.

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arabic العربية is a semitic language in the same family as hebrew and aramaic around 260 million people use it as their first language.

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31 december 2018 the ninth edition of the gulf 12 hours will take place at yas marina circuit in abu dhabi on saturday 14 december 2019 and will be based on a totally new team entry procedure.

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Welcome to the gulf hotel bahrain the legendary 5star hotel of bahrain established in the heart of the island since 1969 offers quality bahraini hospitality and unrivaled luxury facilities.

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gulf definition is a part of an ocean or sea extending into the land how to use gulf in a sentence.

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Enjoy a variety of delicious easy to cook arabic desserts recipes from nestle family middle east discover the recipes which suits your preferences and taste.

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Society arabic speaking countries there are 26 countries where arabic is officially recognized by the government with 18 having a majority of their people using it as their first language.

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